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Pupil & Sport Premiums


 Pupil Premium Report 2018-19

 Pupil Premiums/Pupil Premium_Strategy and Plan 2019

 Pupil_Premiums/NETAT PE Sport Premium Plan  2019-20

 Latton Green - Impacting the Evidence of Sports Premium 2019-20

 Pupil Premium Statement July 2020

 Pupil Premium Strategy Statement September 2020-2023


 Sports Premium 2019-2020

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) in late March 2020, Latton Green Primary entered into a period of enforced closure for the vast majority of pupils; remaining open - since 23rd March 2020 - for the children of critical workers. From June 1st 2020 we reopened more widely to children in the Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 6 and then on 29th June to all year groups, on a part time timetable. The enforced closure has significantly impacted on the planned events for the remainder of the spring and summer terms. A large number of sporting events (including those run by the SGO) were postponed; the School Games Awards were postponed with all schools maintaining the previous level of award; the swimming programme was not completed; and planned activities relating to Sports Premium funding were cancelled. This has resulted in Latton Green Primary, like many other schools, having to extend  targets and strategies to 2020-2021. 


Update February 2021: 

With the continued covid-19 outbreak Latton Green Primary has decided to use the unspent grant carried forward on human resources to ensure our provision for Physical Education and sport is of high quality whilst some of our pupils are accessing education remotely.