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Pupil Advocates

Meet the Pupil Advocates from Year 6 at Latton Green


I am one of the Pupil Advocates at Latton Green. I applied for this role because I love helping around the school as well as helping teachers and pupils. I received the role by filling in an application form, then I was interviewed. During the interview, I had to answer questions around my ideas for improving the school. After that, I had to give a presentation on ideas to improve the school. 



I am honoured to say that I am a Pupil Advocate at Latton Green Primary Academy. This role includes assisting the staff and children along with other roles and responsibilities. I love my job especially when it means I get to help out. The process consisted of filling in an application form then if we were shortlisted we had an interview.  We also gave a presentation and showed a visitor around school.  I was fortunate to be one of the pupils who got chosen for this important position.



I wanted this job because it is a huge responsibility in our school, I was so delighted when I was told I had the job. In order to get this job we needed to complete an application form, when I first filled it in I doubted myself as to whether I would be successful- I shouldn't have. The teachers at school were so supportive during the whole process. The best part of the role is that I enjoy helping the adults in school and being about to showcase our school to visitors.



When I was informed that I was going to be a Pupil Advocate I was amazed! I wanted to be Pupil Advocate because I could help others, and that is something that I am good at. Being an Advocate gives me the opportunity to make new friends within the school as I am given the experience of being able to help younger children, run clubs and support Play Leaders in their playground roles.  



I am proud to be one of the Pupil Advocates at Latton Green.  I applied for this role because I like helping teachers as well as helping to improve the school and supporting others. The way I got selected to be a Pupil Advocate is by completing an application form, after that stage was completed we had an interview where we had to answer some remarkably important questions about why you wanted the position. We showed a visitor around the school and gave a presentation too. I was ecstatic when I found out that I got the position and even happier for my friends that did too.