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Pupil Advocates

Meet the Pupil Advocates from Year 6 at Latton Green


I am one of the 4 Pupil Advocates. I was extremely surprised when I was chosen for this position. The job is fun and important to me. We get to make the school a better place by helping teachers so they are not in a rush when they are getting ready for their lessons.



I was so glad to be picked as a Pupil Advocate, it was a tough process but worthwhile. There were lots of stages- the first one was to fill in an application form then if we shortlisted we had an interview, gave a presentation and showed a visitor around the school. We each got told individually if we had the position. We have many jobs such as holding the doors during assemblies, blowing the whistle and pouring drinks for the younger children. I wanted to be a Pupil Advocate because I enjoy helping and wanted to be a role model to the younger children.


I am one of the Pupil Advocates at Latton Green Academy. I applied for this role because I wanted to help around the school, by supporting teachers and other children. My favourite subject at school is maths as I have always loved numbers.




I am one of the Pupil Advocates at Latton Green Primary Academy. I received the position through application. The Pupil Advocate position includes being responsible for assisting the staff and other pupils, all of which I enjoy doing.



Meet the Head Boy and Head Girl

I have the privilege of being the first Head Girl at Latton Green. To be able to become Head Girl I had to go through a huge process, which included an application form, an interview, a presentation and finally showing a visit around the school. 

I always offer to help adults and pupils around the school. I wanted to become Head Girl because I love having important responsibilities and representing the school. I am glad that I am Head Girl as I am a positive role model to others.


I am glad that I was awarded the position of Head Boy. The reason why I think I was chosen is that I was so determined to get it. The first challenge was completing the application form then we had to have an interview process, which included an interview, presentation and giving a tour of the school. I enjoy being a good role model to others.