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Useful Links

The aim of NET Academies Trust is to promote and lead innovative practice in our schools and classrooms to help raise educational outcomes for all pupils.

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At Latton Green Primary Academy we use a phonic programme called Read, Write Inc., an excellent programme that we have used for years and have found has helped ensure all children learn to read confidently and have a real love of books. Read, Write Inc. provides a structured systematic approach to the teaching of reading.

In September each year we run workshops for parents in Reception and again in Year 1 to show how we teach RWI phonics, including an example session modelled to them.

In our EYFS and KS1 classes the children have an hour session of phonics each morning which includes: speed sounds, writing and reading. They will also have a refresher session in the afternoon as well as 'pinny time' throughout the day and where necessary 1:1 or small group  tutoring.

Each half term all pupils are individually assessed in order to determine which phonic group they will be in. Your child's reading book that they bring home will match their phonic ability.

Our phonics leader, Miss Biagioni, is always happy to speak with parents to explain phonics further and ensures that all parents of children in Reception and Year 1 receive phonic packs to support their learning at home.

Here are some links that may be of use to you in order to support your child at home. Any further questions please speak to the class teacher or Miss Biagioni.

Read Write Inc. Phonics – information for parents


Phonics Screening - Year 1

The phonics screening check is a short, simple test taken by Year 1 children in England each June to assess their reading ability. Children are well prepared for this through their daily phonic sessions at school. 

During the screening they will be asked to read 40 words (some real words and some pseudo words- also known as alien words). The screening is completed during the school day and takes approximately 10 minutes. The children do this individually with a teacher they know well.

For further information please watch this short video