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The aim of NET Academies Trust is to promote and lead innovative practice in our schools and classrooms to help raise educational outcomes for all pupils.

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At Latton Green we use the national curriculum as a minimum. The curriculum we have written from this is devised to prepare pupils to be ‘life ready’ as a ‘global citizen’ but what does this mean?

Academic Success

Our rich knowledge based curriculum means that pupils gain essential knowledge and have the opportunity to be experts in every subject.

Knowledge to be taught each term is shared with pupils and parents at the beginning of the term through a Factfile. This knowledge can be ‘quizzed’ multiple times in a low pressure, high expectation environment to maximise progress.

Expertise is developed through skills- pupils will understand what it means to be a geographer, historian, scientist, writer, mathematician etc... and work on this throughout their time at Latton Green.

See our curriculum here.

Physical Development

Our Studio hosts our in-house physical development lessons where pupils have access to a wide range of equipment including:

  • Archery
  • Boccia
  • Curling stones
  • Gymnastics Vaults

In addition to formal lessons with a specialist teacher we run ‘Get Up Get Going’, sporting excellence clubs, exposure opportunities and more. During social times pupils increase their physical development throughout organised games and free use of equipment.

Positive Wellbeing

At Latton Green pupils develop a sense of responsibility in being part of the Latton Green Leadership Programme (LGLP). Leadership groups include:

  • Digital Leaders
  • Eco- Warriors
  • Musical Maestros
  • Oracy Champions
  • Creative Masters
  • Sports Council
  • Dance Directors
  • Anti-Bullying Ambassadors
  • Spanish Ambassadors
  • Bookworms



Curriculum Plans


English Long Term Plan


Year 1 MTP Autumn 2020

Year 2 MTP Autumn 2020

Year 3 MTP Autumn 2020

Year 4 MTP Autumn 2020

Year 5 MTP Autumn 2020

Year 6 MTP Autumn 2020


Year 1 MTP Spring 2021

Year 2 MPT Spring 2021

Year 3 MTP Spring 2021

Year 4 MTP Spring 2021

Year 5 MTP Spring 2021

Year 6 MTP Spring 2021



Y1 Long Term Plans

Y2 Long Term Plans

Y3 Long Term Plans

Y4 Long Term Plans

Y5 Long Term Plans

Y6 Long Term Plans


Science and non core

 Science and non core Long Term Plan


Parent's Knowledge Organisers 

To assist you in supporting your child's learning we complete knowledge organisers for our parents. 

Year 1

History- Transport (spring)

History- First Flight (spring)

History- Prime Ministers (summer)

History- Seaside (summer)


Geography- My School (autumn)

Geography- The UK (spring)

Geography- Seasonal Change (summer)

Geography- Comparison of Beaches- Southend Vs Great Barrier Reef (summer)


Science- Seasonal Change

Science-Everyday Materials (autumn)

Science-Plants (spring/summer)

Science- Animals Including Humans (spring)


RE- Special Symbols and Objects (spring)

RE- Special Things in Nature (summer)


Music- Hey You (autumn)

Music- In the Groove (spring)

Music- Round and Round (spring)

Music- Your Imagination (summer)

Music- Rhythm in the Way We Walk (summer)


Year 2

History- New Harlow (autumn)

History- Neil Armstrong and the Moon landing (spring)

History- Kings and Queens (summer)

History- Queen Victoria/ Queen Elizabeth II comparison (summer)


Geography- Around My School (autumn)

Geography-The World-Continents and Oceans (spring)

Geography-Hot and Cold Country Comparison (summer)


Science- Living things and their Habitats (autumn)

Science- Animals including Humans (spring)

Science- Uses of Everyday Materials (summer)

Science- Plants (summer)


RE- Special Words and Stories (spring)

RE- Special Ways (summer)


Music- Hands, feet, heart (autumn) 

Music- I Wanna Play in a Band (spring)

Music- Zootime (spring)

Music- Friendship (summer)


Year 3


History- Stone Age (autumn)

History- Ancient Egypt (spring)

History- Romans (summer)


Geography- The UK (autumn)

Geography- The River Nile (spring)

Geography- European Neighbours (summer)


Science- Animals Including Humans (autumn)

Science-Rocks (autumn)

Science- Light (spring)

Science-Forces and Magnets (summer)

Science-Plants (summer)


RE- The Buddha (spring)

RE- Hindu Gods and Goddesses (summer)


Music- Let Your Spirit Fly (autumn)

Music- Three Little Birds (spring)

Music- Glockenspiel (summer)

Music- Bringing us Together (summer)

Year 4

History- Ancient Greece (autumn)

History-Romans (spring)

History- Battle of Hastings (summer)


Geography- Comparative Study (autumn)

Geography- Mexico (spring)

Geography- Mountain Ranges (spring)

Geography- Mapwork- OS maps (summer)


Science-Living Things and their Habitats (autumn)

Science- Electricity (autumn)

Science-Sound (spring)

Science- Animals including Humans (summer)

Science- States of Matter (summer)


RE- Living as a Hindu (spring)

RE- Moses (spring)

RE- Sikhism (summer)


Music- Dragon Song (autumn)

Music- Stop (spring)

Music- Lean on Me (summer)

Music- Blackbird (summer)

Music- Mamma Mia (summer)


Year 5

History-Tudors (autumn)

History- William Shakespeare (autumn)

History- The Victorians (spring)

History- Modern Slavery (summer)


Geography- Europe (autumn)

Geography- Natural Disasters (spring)

Geography- Comparative Study of England Vs Japan (summer)


Science- Properties and Change of Material (autumn)

Science- Forces (spring)

Science- Earth and Space (spring)

Science- Living Things and their Habitats (summer)

Science- Animals including Humans (summer)


RE- The Last Weeks of Jesus' Life (spring)

RE- Synagogue (spring)

RE- Brahman (summer)


Music- Livin' on a Prayer (autumn)

Music- The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (spring)

Music- Dancing in the Street (spring)

Music- Classroom Jazz 1 (summer)


Year 6

History- WWII (autumn)

History- Parliament (spring)

History- Windrush Generation (summer)


Geography- Biomes (autumn)

Geography- Rivers and the Water Cycle (autumn)

Geography- Seven Wonders of the World (spring)

Geography- Summary Study (summer)


Science- Living Things and Their Habitats (autumn)

Science-Electricity (autumn)

Science- Light (spring)

Science- Evolution and Inheritance (summer)

Science- Animals including Humans (summer)


RE- Humanism (spring)

RE- Living as a Buddhist (summer)

RE- The Qur'an (summer)


Music- Happy (autumn)

Music- A New Year Carol (spring)

Music- You've Got a Friend (spring)

Music- Music and Me (summer)